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Dive The Abyss ©

Dive The Abyss © – Blackwater Dive

Plunge into the deep waters of the Pacific and witness the largest migration of life on the planet. Each night, trillions of creatures migrate from depths of 1000 meters to the ocean surface to feed. These small bio-luminescent organisms attract the presence of other creatures feeding in the night. Once underwater, you will find an astounding accumulation of diverse organisms. Some form small chains, such as diatoms, and others live freely, like ctenophores or comb jellies. Tethered to our boat, you will drift along the same currents as these creatures. With this major accumulation of animals, other predatory creatures are attracted in search of an easy meal. These include squid, juvenile marlin, and other pelagic juvenile fishes.

As the dive continues on, we turn off our lights and experience true black water. As soon as your eyes adjust, animals start glowing around you in all sorts of shapes and structures. Most are seen as green specks, but some have the ability to refract lights and produce rainbow like streaks. While you float suspended in this rarely seen world, you can’t help but feel as though you are flying through the ever-expanding cosmos.

Once back on board, you’ll find yourself drawn into conversations with your fellow divers about the strange creatures you have seen and each of you now have the knowledge that you may have witnessed thousands of creatures that have not yet been studied. In fact, over 50% of the organisms that you will see on this dive are unknown in the scientific world.

So join us to discover and dive… The Abyss!
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Your confirmed booking constitutes agreement to this policy.

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