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If you’re looking for the safest and most enjoyable way to scuba dive on Oahu, look no further than Pearl Harbor Divers. Our friendly, knowledgeable and expertly-trained dive professionals will make sure you get the most out of your time with us. Pearl Harbor Divers utilizes the most advanced, cutting edge scuba education tools to make you the best-educated and safest diver you can be. Our Instructors and Divemasters are the best-trained dive professionals that you’ll find- anywhere! Your safety is our #1 priority!

Who We Are and What We Do…

  • NASE Diver Education Facility
  • NAUI Pro Platinum Training and Instructor Development Dive Center
  • Handicapped Scuba Association Dive Center
  • SDI & TDI Dive Center
  • Full-Service Equipment Sales, Service & Repair Center including Nitrox and Trimix
  • DAN Business Member offering Divers Alert Network classes
  • PADI & EFR Training
  • Full-Service Sales & Service Center for Most Major Brands of Scuba Equipment
Meet Our Dive Team…


NASE Master Instructor
NAUI Course Director
HSA Course Director
TDI Poseidon MkVI & Se7en Closed-Circuit Rebreather Instructor
SDI Instructor
PADI IDC Staff Instructor
NAUI First Aid Instructor
DAN Instructor
EFR Instructor

Patrick began his diving experience back in 1977 in his home town of Dana Point, CA. He spent almost 30 years diving Southern California sites from La Jolla to the Channel Islands . His dive travels have taken him to such places as Cozumel, Mexico, the Caribbean, French Polynesia, and finally to Hawaii. An avid explorer, Patrick looks for any opportunity to get underwater and look for new dive sites. His main motivations for teaching: “Scuba diving was such a life-changing experience for me and continues to be a great adventure. I want to help bring that same experience to others”.

Patrick’s favorite dive sites on O’ahu: Lana’i Lookout, Halona Blowhole, China Wall, anywhere on the north shore and the west side of O’ahu.  Where he would like to dive next: Chuuk (aka Truk Lagoon), Micronesia.



NAUI Instructor Trainer
HSA Course Director
NAUI First Aid Instructor

Bob became certified in 1987 in his home town in the fresh waters of New York. He started diving to fulfill a college course requirement and continued his training into leadership roles. His diving experience has taken him to places such as New York, Okinawa Japan, Guam, Thailand, Philippines and Hawaii. Bob came to Hawaii in 2009 with the military and started his professional diving career with Pearl Harbor Divers as a NAUI Instructor in 2010. A Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, Bob has also served as a Special Forces Underwater Operations Combat Diver and Special Forces Underwater Operations Combat Diver Dive Supervisor.

Bob is dedicated to helping divers embrace marine conservation, and teaching them to dive responsibly.


NAUI Instructor
TDI Instructor
PADI IDC Staff Instructor
SDI Instructor
NAUI First Aid Instructor
EFR Instructor Trainer


Mike began his diving career in 2005 getting certified in the chilly waters of Maine. Mike went on to complete his AAUS scientific diving certification while at the Darling Marine Center during 2006. This experience started his love of diving that led to him becoming a PADI Instructor in 2007. Mike Came to Hawai’i in 2008 for graduate school and currently holds his M.S. in Chemical Oceanography. Mike’s travels have taken him diving in over 15 countries, including completing his Divemaster certification while studying abroad in Australia.

Mike teaches technical courses in Decompression Procedures, Advanced Nitrox, and Sidemount to allow divers to explore and get the most out of their dive times. He also enjoys teaching courses for the conservatist, including Advanced Buoyancy, Ecologist, and Digital Photography, to help educate and preserve Hawai’i’s marine habitats. He is also an avid rebreather and technical open circuit diver.


NAUI Instructor
NAUI First Aid Instructor
NAUI Nitrox Instructor

Roy is a former staff sergeant in the US Marine Corps and has extensive diving experience here on O’ahu. In addition to teaching people to be safe divers, he is passionate about teaching people to be good ambassadors to the underwater world. His favorite dive sites are the Ewa Pinnacles and Makaha Caverns.


PADI Instructor

Paul started diving in 1977 in the lakes and rivers within Texas.  He has diving experience all over the world.  He finally planted feet in the islands and became an instructor in 2010.  Paul is a “coral-hugger” and enjoys the ocean and teaching.  His favorite dive spots are the Great Barrier Reef and Palau.



NAUI Instructor
HSA Instructor

David started diving in college where he did a large amount of diving in the cold waters of Pennsylvania.  He then worked his way through the NAUI certifications and became a dive professional in 2010. His diving career has taken him from locations in the Caribbean to the salty waters of the Red Sea in Egypt.

David came to Hawaii with the military in Janurary of 2012 and hopes to continue his exploration of the underwater fortress of Hawaii.  Dive Deep! Fin Hard!



PADI Divemaster

Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Erik made his way to the US mainland as a young man where he owned his own business as well as working in the corporate world for many years. He has always been passionate about the ocean and his travels took him to Guam where he became a divemaster, then to the Big Island and finally here on O’ahu. Erik’s favorite O’ahu dive sites are Ke’eau Corner and Makaha Caverns.